Social Justice Research is the official journal of the International Society for Justice Research.

Social Justice Research publishes original papers that have broad implications for social scientists investigating the origins, structures, and consequences of justice in human affairs. The journal encompasses justice-related research work using traditional and novel approaches, and spanning the social sciences and beyond: psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, social policy research, political science, law, management science, and others. This multidisciplinary approach advances the integration of diverse social science perspectives. In addition to original research papers - theoretical, empirical, and methodological - the journal publishes book reviews and, from time to time, special thematic issues.


Ali Kazemi, University of Skövde, Sweden 
Kjell Törnblom, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Former Editors:
Melvin J. Learner, Founding Editor, 1987-1992
Tom R. Tyler, Editor-in-Chief, 1993-1995
Leo Montada, Editor-in-Chief, 1996
Leo Montada, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 1997-2001
Ronald C. Dillehay, Co-Editor-in-Chief, 1997-2001
Leo Montada, Editor-in-Chief, 2002-2003
John T. Jost, Editor-in-Chief, 2004-2008
Curtis Hardin, Editor-in-Chief, 2009-2010

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