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Dear ISJR Members,

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Spring 2022 Newsletter, particularly Manfred Schmitt.   This ISJR update has been slow to send because we have several exciting initiatives that have been moving in the background, just recently coming to fruition. 

First, I am thrilled to announce the dates and location of our 19th Biennial Conference for the International Society for Justice Research.  Mark your calendars!  Our 2023 ISJR Conference will be held on July 23-26, 2023, in Munich (Germany), hosted by Mario Gollwitzer, Moritz Fischer, Mathias Twardawski, Karin Fritsch, and the rest of the team at Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU).  This will be an “in person” conference, so dust off your passports!  It will have been 5 years since our last face-to-face meeting in Atlanta, and I am personally looking forward to seeing all my fantastic ISJR colleagues and introducing my own students to our supportive ISJR community.  Further details follow below, and stay tuned for further updates. 

The second piece of major news to share is that we are in the process of transitioning to a new Membership Management System for ISJR.  Our previous service provider (123SignUp) decided to retire their service at the end of 2021, requiring us to seek and implement a new system to manage our society membership (i.e., listserv management, membership records, member dues, conference registration, etc.).  Our new service provider is Naylor Solutions, which is popular among other academic societies (e.g., SESP) and offers a significant upgrade to our service options. Thanks goes out to Liz Mullen (ISJR treasurer) who has been instrumental in helping to source, secure, and set-up the new system.  Because of the extra bells and whistles, implementation has taken much longer than expected; but I am happy to announce that the membership portal is now open!  Please follow the instructions below to set your new member password, update your profile, and renew your ISJR membership. The new system will include a revitalized ISJR website, launching later this year. 

Third, to accompany the forthcoming website relaunch, we have also established ISJR social media channels to communicate to our members, share news about recent articles/books, and promote ISJR as a society.  Please follow us on Twitter @ISJRorg or on LinkedIn!  Being a social media “noob” (I’m still not on Facebook), this has been a learning curve for me, and I’m still not great at posting regularly.  If any of our ISJR members are interested in being our ISJR communications guru, we would certainly welcome any assistance. 

Thanks for your continued engagement in ISJR!  Stay tuned for more news!
Tyler Okimoto, ISJR President